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Barbieri 1963

About us

Barbieri1963 was founded by 4 brothers, it is a family-run company which in the 60s began the artisan production of home furniture in the 60s and spreading through every generation a unique know-how, great passion and professionality

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Our identity

With the economic boom, the furniture and home decor became fundamental: Barbieri1963, in its two stores in Monza and Lissone, has soon become the reference dealer of prestigious brands in the Italian furniture landscape and in the production of kitchens; what's more, became an exhibitor at Mia, the well-known International Furniture Exhibition in Monza.
In the 70s the internal production developped in order to face the growing demand of customers with the creation and sale of children's bedrooms throughout the Milan hinterland.
Since the 90s, apart form the furnishing solutions for the sleeping and living areas, the shops have started offering the best solutions also for modern kitchens.

Design your total living with us

In our 2,000 sqm showroom you will find a complete collection of furniture, in line with the last trends with regard to design and functionality.
A staff of experienced interior designers is waiting for you, to help you define your total living. We will be able to satisfy your needs of taste and style, advising you on the best solutions in terms of quality, which will improve your lifestyle.
We can also design customized solutions on the basis of our customers' needs. We carry out inspections for measuring clients' spaces, we study a complete project for each of the and realize the best solutions for the kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms.
We will illustrate the feature of every product we sell, thoroughly; we will help you choose the finishes, to perfectly match colors and materials and organize areas and functions of each domestic environment. If you need, we will also give you advice about the selection of home decor, accessories, wallpaper, rugs and lamps.

Find out the services we offer

Barbieri 1963 has been designing and furnishing its clients' homes for decades, ensuring accurate and punctual services.

Our specialized staff personally takes care of the delivery and assembly of purchased furniture.

We can also provide an efficient after-sales assistance and the best customized payment solutions, in order to let you furnish your home without any concearn.

We have been designing your home since 1963.

Every detail will be respected in order to create a home that can welcome you everyday and enrich your life for years.