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Our rich range of accessories

In the showroom you can see first-hand multifunctional Current complements, to be chosen according to style, size and function of the environment, so that they are combined with the rest of the furnishings. Not only do they give character to the interiors, but they cover specific functions: only the best accessories can enrich the rooms, perfectly combining functionality and style. More and more frequently, in modern homes, there is no longer a defined distinction between the internal rooms: the choice of complements that can optimize spaces enriching their aesthetics is essential. In a room of limited dimensions, it is necessary to place furnishings of proportionate sizes: thanks to the accessories available on the market, of any size, shape and function, it is not difficult to furnish the house. Complements add a touch of color to the environment where they find their place or become the protagonists with their shapes: they are important presences in your home, combining functionality and style. As for the materials available, there are various solutions to vary from: solid wood, crystal, metal alloys, stone, are just some of the most appreciated possible solutions.