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Design kitchen with White and Blue Glas peninsula by Key Cucine


Design kitchen with Glas Bianco and Blu peninsula by Key Cucine: discover a rich range of design solutions from the sector-leading brand

If you are passionate about current lines and don't want to give up on quality, then our exhibition center is the perfect place. With the brand's Design Kitchens with peninsula you can furnish spaces by fully enhancing them. The beautiful Design Kitchen with Glas Bianco and Blu peninsula by Key Cucine in glass in the photo, can be designed in multiple configurations, colors and finishes of great aesthetic value. With the Key Cucine furnishing compositions, you will be able to furnish spaces with rationality, guaranteeing you the practicality you need. The purchase of a Key Cucine design kitchen allows for extensive customization: you can adapt it according to your most diverse practical and aesthetic needs.

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