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M1 System C106 Bathroom Furniture by Baxar


Baxar Bathroom Furniture: discover a rich catalog of suspended bathroom furniture in melamine, including the M1 System C106 model

Technical materials and a rich variety of colors guarantee customization down to the last detail and precious materials that resist different substances or compounds. Aesthetically appreciable and useful in any bathroom, a modern melamine model like the one in the photograph will solve your housing problems of all kinds. In the shop you can touch the most beautiful compositions of the well-known and renowned brand: we are waiting for you to furnish your bathroom together. Baxar designs projects for modern bathroom furniture with suspended bathroom furniture that combine unique design and functionality, as this place wants. The Baxar M1 System C106 Bathroom Furniture model in melamine is part of the company's rich collection of bathroom furnishings, always charming. With the proposals we present you will guarantee well-made and fashionable furnishings for the bathroom too, which must be furnished carefully, with practicality and design.

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