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If you intend to change the look of your home, trust us, we are a reference showroom in the area for furniture and furnishings and interior projects. You will find the most beautiful lighting proposals near your home: we are specialized in ad hoc design. At our store you will be able to see the most valid solutions of furnishings and accessories and many ideas in terms of design and furnishing styles, we are specialists in home furnishings, design and renovation. Contact us immediately for information and quotes or come and meet us in the shop:

Discover a wide choice of lighting in our store in Segrate

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If what you are looking for is a furniture design professional, visit us, we are the furniture and accessories store of the best brands that with preparation guarantees you:

  • pre and post purchase assistance
  • ability to perfectly coordinate even pre-existing furnishings and finishes
  • possibility to see first-hand materials of first choice ideal for your spaces
  • an ad hoc project that gratifies everything you wanted

Renovating your home is not taken for granted: we make design our entire profession, which is why we choose furniture from the best brands, ensuring you tailor-made services for each architectural consultancy client. If the time has come to renovate the furnishings of your home and to choose them you are looking for trusted interior designers, enter the shop to find out what we offer. In an ad hoc furnishing project it is essential to calculate the shape, sizes and dimensions of the furniture: if you are in difficulty, contact our store, we will guide you in designing your spaces in the best possible way. Our store in the province of Monza and Brianza provides you with the opportunity to complete your spaces with style and high functionality. If you intend to refurbish the furniture of your home, not far from Segrate, our Lighting shop is waiting for you , with interesting possibilities and many innovations in terms of design and planning, to offer dynamism to your spaces.