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Fimar TV Rack 3 Cabinet


Classic glossy lacquered TV stands: the Rack 3 model will allow you to complete a practical and easy living room

The Fimar TV Rack 3 Cabinet in glossy lacquer furnishes spaces with taste and functionality, to give you the possibility to design them in the best possible way and be at ease. TV stands are multifunctional furnishings and only with the help of the right type of furniture can the living room be optimally prepared. This proposal with glossy lacquered TV cabinet, one of Fimar's most original offers, lends itself to setting up a living room of great aesthetic value. The Fimar TV Rack 3 Cabinet is appropriate to be placed in different types of living room, thanks to a refined style and features of great function. Fimar presents various types of classic TV cabinets, which make the walls of the living area an always orderly and rational space as well as beautiful to look at.

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