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Wardrobe with sliding doors Tratto by Pianca


Visiting our shop means seeing live many furnishings of the well-known and well-known brand, always with a high aesthetic content. Tratto di Pianca wardrobe with sliding doors : if you want professional interior designers for estimates and projects, build with us the home you've always wanted. Safety and comfort are the ingredients which, together with a high aesthetic content, characterize all the modern built-in wardrobes of the Pianca brand. Wardrobe with Tratto di Pianca sliding doors in glossy lacquer: in a rich catalog of furniture and accessories, this model will let you complete your bedroom as you dreamed of it. A wide variety of glossy lacquered furnishings like this wardrobe with sliding doors in the image. If you want to recreate a beautiful and functional room, fill out the form or visit us to get information, advice and news in the field of Home Furnishing.

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