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Nowadays, we find in contemporary yet elegant kitchens in brick and mortar blocks then covered with majolica or lacquered tiles, the suggestive, familiar and rustic atmospheres, typical of past times. The central puto of the kitchens of a time certainly the hearth, the cooking area as well as an element from which we always start to design the space, which in this case will be built with custom-made masonry walls. To create a self-respecting kitchen, visit our exhibition center and you will be able to enjoy impeccable services to help you choose the product you have always desired. The finishes that best combine with these elegant traditional kitchens are wood, for doors and fronts, and marble or stone for the work bench; alternative the use of tiles or the most current resin. Our Masonry Kitchens exhibition center constantly selects new models to offer each customer multiple furnishing solutions and create a high quality kitchen thanks to the guidance of a staff of expert consultants. These masonry solutions can have a country chic style of classic appeal but also a more modern and linear design, made more sober by the use of pastel colors and essential lines.