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Millennium XXL table by Bontempi


Discover our line of fixed design tables, where you will also find the Millennium XXL model in the image

Millennium XXL table by Bontempi : made of first choice materials, it is characterized by the strong lines of the top and by an elegant and sophisticated base. Ideal for creating unique combinations with chairs and design accessories, the fixed tables of the brand are among the most beautiful solutions on the market, ideal for the living room and kitchen. If you want a highly aesthetic dining table, contact us and receive information and quotes on the model shown in the photo. The renowned Bontempi brand, specialist in the production of wooden furniture, has chosen a wide range of materials, shapes and colors for its line. A model like the one in the image, in combination with the right chairs, will be able to embellish the atmosphere of the rooms of the house absolutely dedicated to conviviality.

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